Is it time to add a forklift to your operations? For many businesses, especially smaller operations with budget constraints, purchasing a used model offers the most practical and cost-effective solution. 

This informative used forklift buying guide by Springer Equipment can help assist you when deciding on this essential equipment for your operations. 

What Are the Benefits of Used Forklifts?

The lower cost is one of the most obvious benefits of purchasing used equipment. Depending on age, service hours, condition and several other factors, the price difference could be up to 50% or more compared to a brand-new model. You can apply these savings to meet objectives in other areas of your operation. 

You’ll typically find a very comprehensive selection of used forklifts. They can also be easier to operate since they don’t have as many bells and whistles. You might even be able to get them on the job faster since you won’t have to wait for a factory order or modifications. 

6 Considerations When Purchasing a Used Forklift

Carefully evaluating these factors can help you navigate the used forklift buying process.

1. History

The seller should be able to provide detailed information records regarding usage patterns, maintenance history and previous ownership.

2. Service Hours

How many hours on the job has the forklift logged? Generally, a forklift with 10,000 hours has comparable wear and tear to an automobile with 200,000 miles.

3. Operating Environment

Consider the environment and usage you’ll need from your lift truck. Do you need a late-model, low-hour lift for outdoor job or an older, less expensive product for less demanding tasks?

4. Condition

Conduct a comprehensive inspection to check for potential issues like fluid leaks, uneven mast operation, lift chain gaps, improperly performing safety features, weak batteries and damaged tires. 

5. Size

Are you looking for a rough terrain forklift for demanding outdoor material handling jobs in which you need a higher lifting capability or a more compact narrow-aisle model for a small warehouse? You’ll need to make sure you have the right size and lift capacity model that can fit your warehouse and lift your toughest load.

6. Comfort Features

Operators can spend many long hours on a forklift. It should be ergonomically designed and have controls within easy reach. The cab enclosure should be comfortable and provide maximum 360-degree visibility. 

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