If your business requires material handling equipment like forklifts, maximizing your available resources is wise to serve your customers best. And sometimes the better investment is to buy at least some used equipment.

In this post, we’ll share some advice to help you make this decision and cover 5 key benefits of adding used lifts to your fleet.

Used vs. New Forklifts

It’s no surprise a lower upfront cost makes used forklifts a good option for many businesses, but there are many variables to consider in your decision-making process, like:

  • Usage Requirements: Do you intend to use the forklift daily for heavy tasks, or as a backup?
  • Maintenance Costs: Used lifts may result in higher immediate maintenance costs, compared to new models.
  • Availability and Cost of Parts: The cost of replacement parts for new models may be a lot higher than comparable popular used models with a large population of parts. 
  • Resale Value: New models will depreciate quickly, while some used models can hold their value.

What Are the Benefits of Used Forklifts?

If you’re still weighing your options, consider these benefits used forklifts may offer your business.

1. Cost Savings

The lower upfront price is often the biggest reason businesses consider purchasing used forklifts, especially if operating on a tight budget. If you’re scaling your business or department, you can save thousands by buying used and spending the savings on other crucial areas like marketing, labor, facilities, and resources. Not to mention the impact on bottom-line revenue.

By purchasing a slightly used forklift, even a higher cost of maintenance over the first few years may still be the better financial move compared to the depreciation of a new model. 

Maybe you simply need a backup forklift. Consider the sweet spot where a used model has fully depreciated, maintenance and parts costs are below average, and there is still plenty of economic life.

2. Increased Flexibility

Buying new forklifts can sometimes be limiting. Most manufacturers only produce a handful of models each year, so you might only have a few choices beyond selecting from optional features. 

Therefore, finding the right model on a budget can be challenging. 

With used forklifts, you have more control over product selection. You can opt for a newer model with most of the required features, and still save on the cost of buying a comparable new model.

3. Immediate Availability

Many scenarios can arise that require forklifts to be replaced as fast as possible. For example, a forklift could break down suddenly, needing immediate replacement to prevent unproductive downtime. 

You may require additional lift due to an unexpectedly high workload or project volume increase. If you order a new forklift, there could be a backlog at the factory, resulting in a costly delay of several weeks or months.

In contrast, used models are typically available right away. You’ll avoid lengthy interruptions that could lead to late project completions and lost business. 

4. User Familiarity

New forklifts sometimes include breakthrough technology that can boost productivity and efficiency, but sometimes new and used models are extremely similar.

For operators who are already familiar with a handful of models, the learning curve of a new model may not be worth the expected returns.

Buying used forklifts provides the flexibility to acquire equipment that your workers already know how to use at your facility or job site. That familiarity and comfort can also potentially prevent accidents associated with unfamiliarity. 

5. Ease of Repairs and Maintenance

New forklifts may also cause a learning curve for in-house service technicians. Due to the advanced features and innovations, it will likely take time for techs to acquire the knowledge and skills to maintain the equipment. They’ll need more training, which takes time and creates an additional business expense. 

When you purchase an older unit—especially models you already have in your fleet—technicians may already have spare parts available or know how to diagnose or repair issues; they’ll also be more familiar with the appropriate preventive maintenance steps.

Choose Springer Equipment When Buying Used Forklifts

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