Do you have an aging forklift that has served your business well? Is it time for an upgrade, or do you need to infuse your company with extra cash?

Whether you’re selling a forklift or trading it in for a newer model, you’ll want to get the best value and maximize your return on investment. 

How Much Is a Used Forklift Worth?

Before you list your forklift for sale or take it to the dealer to trade it in, you’ll need to determine its value. Consider several factors when making the assessment. 


The industry considers a forklift old when it surpasses 10,000 service hours, which normally falls within 5-7 years of age. The closer your model is to this threshold, the less you can expect to get when trading it in or selling it.

Fuel Type

A forklift can run on diesel, gasoline, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG). Electric and diesel-powered units normally have a higher value than gas, LPG or CNG models. 


Is your forklift covered with dents, scuffs and other visible damage? Does it look dirty and worn? You can significantly enhance its value by cleaning it up and making it more presentable. While some buyers aren’t overly concerned with looks, a newer-looking model is more likely to command a higher price.

Availability of Service Records

Have you been meticulous about maintaining your equipment and keeping the service records current? Buyers want to know what they’re getting for their money. If you have the documentation to support your service diligence, it can help you get a higher forklift trade-in value.

Access to Parts/Accessories

Any parts or accessories you can include like batteries and chargers, attachments and fuel tanks can sweeten the deal, as buyers won’t have to locate these elsewhere after the sale. 


Doing some research and finding the model’s wholesale value can provide a reliable ballpark price when selling or trading in a forklift. Most dealers will offer something close to this figure if your unit is in reasonably good condition. You should also be willing to negotiate based on the factors listed above. 

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