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Best Value in Used Lift Trucks

Forklifts are crucial resources for businesses that need to lift and transport heavy loads. If you're looking to acquire this equipment for your business, consider buying a refurbished forklift to experience reliable operation at a more affordable price.

You can find used lift trucks that have been refurbished by our certified technicians for sale at Springer Equipment. We consider ourselves partners in your success, which is why we offer the equipment you need at prices that fit your budget that can be delivered quickly.

Reliable Used Forklifts for Sale Near You

Springer Equipment has an extensive inventory of used forklifts suitable for all your application needs. No matter what industry or type of business you are in, we provide lift trucks to fit your requirements. Our affordable forklifts are the ideal option for companies looking to get the most value for their investments without breaking their budgets.

Our used forklifts are available in many models with carrying capacities ranging from 3,000 pounds to 125,000 pounds. We offer lift trucks with three-wheel, cushion and pneumatic tires that run on electric power, liquefied petroleum (LP) fuel or diesel.

Our used forklifts are available in numerous configurations, such as:

  • Indoor forklifts: These reliable forklift trucks are compact machines ideal for warehouses, factories, and other indoor facilities. The machines have tight turn radiuses for maneuvering small spaces and cushioned tires to prevent floor scuffing.
  • Outdoor forklifts: Outdoor lift trucks are heavier-duty machines equipped with pneumatic tires that allow them to navigate rough terrain, making them useful for construction sites.
  • Heavy-capacity forklifts: Designed to handle weighty loads, these lift trucks are larger than standard forklifts and can raise loads higher off the ground. 
  • Forklift attachments: Our selection of forklift attachments range from clamps, sideshifters, rotators and more – perfect for whatever unique application your business has.
  • Electric forklifts: Electric forklifts offer several advantages, such as being environmentally friendly and emitting zero emissions during operation while operating at a lower cost. They are ideal for indoor use due to their quiet operation and absence of exhaust fumes.
  • Diesel forklifts: Known for their robust power and high torque, diesel forklifts are suitable for heavy-duty outdoor applications. They can handle rough terrain more effectively and can be refueled quickly. 

Why Buy Used Forklifts?

When you buy used forklifts from us, you'll experience many advantages:

  • Cost savings: You can get a used forklift for at least half the price of a new machine, giving you opportunity to invest in other areas of your business.
  • Extensive options: We carry used forklifts in countless models designed for any application, allowing you to secure the equipment that best serves your needs.
  • Availability: Buying a new lift truck often means waiting through long lead times, while used machines are readily available for shipment to your location.
  • Delivery: We offer nationwide delivery and we promise quality customer support from inquiry to delivery.

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Why Buy Used Forklifts at Springer Equipment?

Springer Equipment has provided customers across the Southeast with budget-friendly material handling equipment since 1992. We deliver a comprehensive range of refurbished machines at the most affordable prices, helping our clients achieve excellent value for their purchases.

Some of our many strengths include:

  • Vast equipment inventory
  • Competitively priced
  • Refurbished by certified technicians including condition report
  • In-stock delivery options
  • Support services including replacement parts and accessories

Buy Used Forklifts Within Your Budget

Our on-site certified technicians inspect all equipment to ensure you receive machines that get the job done right. We'll provide a condition report showing overall condition, OSHA safety checks and more. We promise quality customer support from inquiry to delivery.